How To Avoid Glare When Driving At Night

March 31, 2017

Night driving can affect many aspects of vision including color recognition, peripheral vision, and depth perception. One of the most common problems with night driving is glare, a light source that interferes with your vision, which may slow your reaction time. Nighttime glare is a result of both bright and… Read more »

Back to School Eye Exams

August 1, 2016

As September’s Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month approaches, we are encouraging you to make the most of your children’s education and maximize their potential, livelihood and development by including a comprehensive eye exam as part of your child’s back to school checklist. Though most children have healthy eyes, one… Read more »

Are Cosmetic Eye Products and Procedures Safe?

May 11, 2016

We all want to look good, but we shouldn’t risk the health of our eyes to do so! Below are some common cosmetic products and procedures that we get asked about in our office. Colored/Cosmetic Contacts Many consumers consider decorative contact lenses a fashion or costume accessory. In reality, these… Read more »

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation and Your Eyes

March 30, 2016

HAPPY SPRING BREAK FROM HOOVER VISION CENTER! Most people are aware that prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun poses the risk of sunburn and skin cancers, but did you know that UV rays can also harm your eyes? Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to… Read more »

Do You Suffer From Digital Eyestrain?

March 2, 2016

Did you know that the average person spends 11+ hours a day on electronic media? Computers, tablets, e-readers, smart phones and other electronic devices with visual display screens can cause fatigue, eyestrain and dry eyes. Here are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing these symptoms.… Read more »

Reinvent your Eyestyle :: New Year, New Look

January 8, 2016

Happy New Year from all of us at Hoover Vision Center! We invite you to gain a fresh perspective on your eyestyle for the new year by accessorizing with frames that feature a fun new color, unique print or striking modern shape.  Our optical carries the latest designs in eyeglasses… Read more »

Halloween Hazard: The Dangers of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

October 21, 2015

Halloween is a popular time for people to use colored contact lenses to enhance their costumes. From blood-red vampire eyes to glow-in-the-dark reptile lenses, costume contacts can certainly add a spooky, eye-popping touch. But colored contact lenses aren’t just a Halloween novelty.  In addition to correcting refractive error, many people wear cosmetic contact… Read more »

Is your child’s eye exam on your back-to-school check list?

August 11, 2015

With back-to-school quickly approaching, parents have many things to do to prepare their children for a successful school year.  Here’s why an eye exam should be on your back-to-school check list: (1)  Approximately 80% of learning takes place through a child’s eyes. Give your child all the tools to succeed… Read more »

Welcome To Hoover Vision Center

May 18, 2015

Our mission is to treat and care for our patients as we would our own family. Every patient is given a thorough, medically-oriented eye examination and time is always taken to discuss the findings and address your questions and concerns. Conveniently located in Galleria Trace Plaza, HOOVER VISION CENTER provides… Read more »